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Welcome to Comprehensive Health & Chiropractic Centre ('CHCC') where our life mission is to passionately and generously inspire, empower, and heal, our family, friends, and people we have yet to meet so they may achieve total balance in their lives.

What sets CHCC apart from other Chiropractic practices?

What sets CHCC apart is a husband and wife team who work together with you to help balance and heal your WHOLE body, structurally, chemically and emotionally.

When you begin care at our office you are entering into a unique partnership.  At CHCC we will develop an individual health care program customized to your body's specific health care needs including structural, chemical and/or emotional care.  We offer treatment that is safe, effective, and courteous to our patients so that they may achieve their health care goals and return to activities they enjoy. We strive to treat you as we would any of our own family.

What's New?   ZYTO SCAN

Zyto Scan is a 21st Century Chiropractic Technology Advancement.  It helps in advising you what do you need to change or have adjust to improve your current health.  This Biocommunication scan produces biosurveys - SIMPLE - PAINLESS - NON-INVASIVE

Find out your health status TODAY!

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury. I didn't know how life altering a concussion could be until I had mine due to a slip and fall accident Oct 18, 2011.

My usual lifestyle & schedule...STOPPED! I couldn't drive because of blurred & doubled vision. I couldn't hold an intelligent conversation because my speech was slow and I would repeat myself or forget what I was saying mid-sentence due to memory loss. I was fearful of another head injury because I was so dizzy and off balance. I bonded with my bed...literally...I slept 10-12 hours a night and took regular 2-3 hour naps. My energy was GONE. I cried at every silly TV show or personal issue. My emotions & life were all over the place...UNTIL...

Another Doctor referred me to Dr. Kimberly Rollheiser-Revilla. Dr. Kimberly took me under her wing like I was her only patient and my issues really mattered. Sometimes we'd cry together discussing the injury. I so appreciated her heart-felt reassurances that I would get my life back!

She educated me about my condition and what types of modality she would use to correct my brain injury. Her dedication to Craniosacral Therapy, Kinesiology & Nutrition clearly showed her skills to be head and shoulders (pardon the pun) above traditional Chiropractors. Her gentle therapeutic approach tou
ched me deeply and I often felt like an Angel was sent from above to guide me through the most horrific trauma I've ever experienced.

Dr. Kimberly & Dr. Russ became a perfect blend of treatment. When I was healthy enough, she had Dr. Russ come do adjustments ever so carefully.  CHCC is definitely comprehensive...even their staff Kim & Danielle have the utmost of standards: Kind, Efficient & Understanding.

I can not Thank Dr. Kimberly and & Dr. Russ enough for giving me my life back...when I went to my Neurologist last month, he said, due to their phenomenal treatment I would be 100 % by March, we beat that by over a month!   My journey went from Frightening to Free...Free to Live Mentally and Physically Healthy again!
Thank Heaven for MY Doctors, Dr. Kimberly & Dr. Russ!

Janet B.

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